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Train with LLUERNA.

The school for all FEV volunteers.

Forget about infumable syllabuses, and 8-hour theory classes.

Training with camping and the opportunity to meet other realities and colleagues who share the values ​​of scouting are some of the qualities for which we are chosen.

A space to train, meet, share and grow
with a critical eye, to continue working and enjoying the Scout way of life.

Continuing education is one of the fundamental characteristics of scouting in order to build a better world.

Do you want to train with us?

Some of the scouts who have trained with Lluerna.

Nerea Rodríguez
Nerea RodríguezAE Alborxí - La Salle
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It is an unforgettable experience full of moments of training and fun in which you take resources and learn about realities that enrich you in many areas. I think that the essence of Lluerna is to meet unknown people, united by the same thing: the love of scouting.
Amelia Ferrandis Roselló
Amelia Ferrandis RosellóGS Osiris
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If you are a listener and you like to learn with dynamic games, this is your best option. In this course you will meet and live with more people, as if they were mini camps. In addition, if you want to do the course intensively in just 6 weekends, I would recommend that you do the course here.
Irene Nicolás Climent
Irene Nicolás ClimentGS Aitana
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It has been a pleasure to train at the school, as they teach you, not only how to be a monitor, but how to be a scout and it has always been what I have been looking for. The trainers are very close and passionate. I think it's a very good space to get to know people and get to know yourself by surrounding yourself with scout people who will give you a lot for your future teacher and scout.
Lara Mollà Guerola
Lara Mollà GuerolaAE Sant Jordi
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I took the MAT in 2021 and despite everything we were very happy. We were able to meet beautiful people and learn many resources. The training activities and talks were very dynamic and we were also able to discover new places to enjoy nature.

Safe environment

We are concerned with maintaining and promoting a Safe Environment for children and youth.
Our priority is that all girls and boys live in a safe environment in all respects and at all times.
We develop activities where physical or psychological violence have no place and we facilitate an ideal environment for family and society to meet.
We develop activities where physical or psychological violence have no place and we facilitate an ideal environment for family and society to meet.

Scout groups are a fundamental area for developing preventive policies given that we intervene in a very wide group of girls, boys and young people at ages full of changes and decisive for their maturation.

We start the 2023-2024 round
How has it been in your group?


Sant Jordi Scout Foundation

With the main purpose of contributing to the promotion of childhood and youth, and considering that scouting is a particularly privileged way to do so, on April 23, 1997, the Sant Jordi Foundation was established for the ‘Scouting Valencian.

It was born on the initiative of the Valencia Scout Movement (MEV) and wants to find new formulas for participation in Valencian scouting, link former scouts and supporters, find new forms of support for active scouting and reach higher levels of associative stability.

Its main activity is to support active scouting through its funding programs for international activities and to provide the Scouts of the Valencian Community with spaces in nature in which to develop their training work.

Did you know that…

The Sant Jordi Scout Foundation annually announces its Sant Jordi Award for people or institutions that have excelled in the promotion of Valencian children and youth. As well as organizing activities that encourage the conservation and improvement of natural spaces and camping areas.

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