Action Teams

They are the teams made up of volunteers who work in specific areas, organize activities, generate resources, etc., according to the needs of the FEV.

The current Action Teams are:

Health Team

It works to spread and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Environment Team

It works for the sustainability of our natural environment and to enjoy life in nature

Participation Team

It is responsible for promoting participation with citizens, through debates and youth councils.

Cultural Team

It promotes a feeling of belonging to a region through the creation of resources, tools, activities, related to the cultural environment, traditions, customs, etc.

Social Team

It is about uniting the work of the Cooperation and Development action teams with that of Social Inclusion to create and carry out activities and resources as a tool to raise awareness about disadvantaged groups and improve the quality of life wherever it is needed

Social Action Team

In charge of carrying out and leading a transformative action from scouting towards society. They also coordinate the scouts of the federation in joint actions that have a positive impact on the public and/or the media.

Expansion Team

In charge of generating a sustained and consistent growth of associates within the federation, monitoring the groups that are lagging behind, accompanying the associative teams, as well as founding new groups.