Health Team

The Health Education team works to spread and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

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In the 2017-2018 round, the 1st Health Promotion Day was organized, a formative and dynamic meeting that brought together nearly 30 people from Scout groups. The day included talks by professionals in the field of nutrition. The final assessment was quite satisfactory, which is why this type of space will continue.

Our volunteers have also collaborated with other organizations, giving talks on Nutrition, Eating Disorders and Non-Sedentary Life.

One of the needs of the groups is the management of menus and food for young people, especially in camps. Lack of information and tools have been detected to adapt menus to the needs of young people, to deal with various food allergies and intolerances, as well as hygiene measures and prevention of food poisoning.

The Health Team is committed to a healthy and sustainable diet, as a way of preserving health and preventing illness. We aim to empower the people responsible for the kitchen, as well as the monitors, to be able to face the daily challenges around food that may arise in camps. They will be days open to the entire population, where the various associations that have the same needs will be accommodated.

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