Escolta Movement of Valencia (MEV)

Groupings and Regions:

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Certificate of volunteering
If you need a certificate of the hours worked in your group or association, you can get it by filling out the following form. It will ask you for the necessary information so that we can draw up and sign the certificate and provide it to you.

Electronic procedure
To present any document to a public administration or institution, fill in the form giving us as much information as possible. It must be remembered that all official association documents must be signed and with the name of the president of the MEV, as he is the only legal representative of the entity.

Bank procedure
If you want to make a change with the bank account(s) associated with the Movement, you will need to tell us the changes you want to make in the following form, in this way we can draw up a certificate that you can take to your bank and solve it in the most agile and easy way.

Electronic invoice
Form for the MEV to contact the supplier through the delivery of a ticket to request the invoice for the corresponding expense.

Both the certificate and any of the procedures it usually takes between 5 and 10 days, you must take this into account when making requests, as the technical secretariat must review all the documentation, check that it is correct and, if necessary, contact you to have it delivered or what is missing is corrected.

1% donation
The MEV will allocate 1% of its 2024 budget to the financing of Development Cooperation projects.

Valencia City Council grant 2024
The period to present projects is from December 19, 2023 to February 17, 2024.

SOM MEV 2024 grant
This subsidy has been designed with the intention of promoting the participation of groups in the MEV and promoting the environmental sustainability of groups. The submission period is from December 19, 2023 to February 17, 2024.

Subsidy Regions 2024
Only one project must be presented per county and this may be for the entire county in general or for one or several branches. The submission period is from December 19, 2023 to February 17, 2024.



Do you know of other subsidies from which the MEV or other groups can benefit? Contact us and tell us at, 96 315 32 40 or 603 89 67 05.

Team Moviment Escolta de Valencia (MEV)



The MEV is pleased to announce that the annual activity project for 2023 was financed, in part (€4,421.06), thanks to the Diputació de Valencia.

As you know, every year we apply for the Youth grant from the Valencia County Council, as well as other public calls and this allows us to make our activities one more point of ambition and meet our expectations more easily.

Some of the activities that were possible thanks to this help were the Interrutes, the activities of different commissions such as Medi Ambient, Posa’t or FEM, as well as some of the collaborations with other entities that we did.

We also think that it is a very good opportunity to make our project and our movement known to the public administration and that the educational activity that we do every Saturday with our boys and girls is valued.