Federative Program.

GRAFTING : Action of joining two or more parts of different plants so that the whole behaves as one.


The concept of the graft came to our mind when we were looking for an image that would represent and approach our proposal on how the Federation of Scouting of Valencia should work.

On the one hand, when analyzing its structure, it can be seen that each of the three associations that make up the federation is unique in its way of working from and towards scouting, with a specific reality and different from that of the other two associations.

So, if we make the effort to imagine each of the associations as a tree, with different properties and that share a small garden with each other, in addition to appreciating their individual virtues, we will realize that if they try to share resources, such as irrigation water. the manure that nourishes them, or even the sunlight that gives them energy, they will encounter obvious difficulties and some situations in which, with good intentions, they will overlap in their efforts and some of them will find it difficult to reach to bear fruit

However, if we propose, not without the effort of all parties, to graft the three associations so that, while still preserving their unique properties, they function as a single living being, instead of three independent trees, we would at the same time manage to generate a series of synergies that would benefit everyone and above all, they would establish a basis for collaboration on which to establish the future of Scouting in the Valencian territory.

We are not naive and we are aware that there is a lot of work ahead, and precisely for this reason, we are committed to this idea in a project, so that in the next three years, the FEV becomes a support element, which is the backbone of the scouting in the three associations and among them; for this we are clear that the federation is neither, nor should it be, a small working group, but must be nourished by the will to improve of all the people who, within this movement, undertake to build a better world