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Accident Insurance.

Having accident insurance coverage means that medical expenses and compensation provided for in the policy will be assumed by the insurance company.

What does the insurance cover? Hits, falls, traumas of all kinds. Broken glasses, hearing aids, prostheses and teeth (ONLY when there is an accident).

In the event that any insured person (associate or volunteer) suffers a bodily injury during the performance of the listening activities, the insurance company guarantees the payment of the medical expenses and compensation provided for in the particular conditions of the policy.

Civil Liability Insurance.

The civil liability policy guarantees to the insured persons the payment of the compensations for which they may be civilly liable in accordance with the law, for bodily or material damage and damages caused to third parties.

Minors do not have civil liability for being minors. For this reason, their responsibility passes to the legal guardian or, in the case of supervised activities, to the responsible educator.

Extension of risk activities insurance.

Risk activities are defined as all those whose dangerousness is notoriously high. These activities are NOT covered by our accident insurance and therefore specific insurance is required. Examples of risky activities include: martial arts, bridge jumping, rugby, scuba diving, caving, mountaineering, climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing and winter sports, among others.

1.- Contact the FEV office 96.315.32.40, at least four days before the activity.
2.- Fill in Excel with the data of the participants that you provided.
3.- It has an additional economic cost for the grouping

Expansion of international activities.

1.- Our normal insurances do not cover international activities.
2.- It is highly advisable to take out travel insurance.
3.- You must contact the FEV to provide the following information:

a. Number of participants
b. Destination
c. Travel dates
d. Extraordinary activities, such as: climbing, rafting, hiking and trekking through dangerous areas, zip line, etc.

4. The budget must be accepted at least 15 days before the start of the activity.

And of course, don't forget that the FEV technical office is there to answer any questions and to support you in the design and implementation of your scouting activities. - 963153240

Documentation for volunteers.

Remember that all FEV volunteers must have the documentation that we indicate below, in addition, it must be sent to the corresponding associative techniques, in order to validate this in the CUDU personal files:

Camp permit application.