Team Alba

The Alba Team is responsible for the federative pedagogical animation, this implies that its task is to create and review a unique and coherent pedagogical proposal, and to promote its dissemination and integration by the groups.

It is formed by the sum of all the voluntary people who participate in the associative pedagogical animation teams, but develops projects on a more holistic scale, creating the resources and foundations from which the associations are nourished.
The projects under development are divided into patrols, which are characterized by being transitory, since they seek to solve a specific and dynamic task, being able to change the number of members according to specific needs.
Currently, we have two patrols, which are as follows:
  • Patrol “wolves” – Forum route
    This team has the function of generating a proposal for the annual route forum, as well as monitoring its evolution and a continuous review and update.
  • “Bull” Patrol – PdJ Review
    This patrol aims to maintain a constant review of the federative proposal, researching new current concepts in pedagogy or analyzing implementation defects that may arise in order to generate proposals for correction and improvement that are approved by the assembly.
If you are interested in participating in one of the patrols or want to be part of the team to propose a new one, you can get in touch at the email: or at the email of the pedagogical manager of your association