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FEV Board of Directors 2022 – 2025

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Valencian Scouting Federation.

The Valencian Scouting Federation is one of the most important youth organizations in the Valencian Community. It is currently made up of more than 6,500 young people, spread over more than 70 scouting groups all over Valencia. The FEV is a member of the Movimento Scout Católico. As such it is represented in the International Catholic Conference of Scouting, the Federation of Scouting in Spain and the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Know a little more about us.

We are a leisure and value education organization. Our more than 65 scout groups offer a complementary educational path to school, in which, through games, activities and experiences, we contribute to the integral development of the children and young people who participate in them. The listening activities are positioned as a point of reference within what we call Non-Formal Education, that is to say, that which is complementary to the action of the Ordinary School.

In the same way, the scouting world is for the educators of the scouting groups a door to respond to their concerns about volunteering, since it allows them to dedicate themselves to a project in an altruistic way that goes beyond the simple education of children, and to be part of an entity from which social projects are carried out. The scout world is a door to social volunteering, as it works to improve society. Scouts, as restless people, are at the service of society, and we carry out projects in our towns and neighborhoods with the aim of improving the world around us.

The Federation of Valencian Scouting currently has a large team of volunteer scouts who develop strategic action lines and divide the Federation’s work areas.

This team was elected through a popular vote by all the federated assistants at the October 2022 General Assembly and their approval, thus creating the 2022-2025 Management Team.

The FEV Charter defines us as an institution from the bottom up, highlighting the basic elements of our educational and transformative action. It explains our objectives and characteristics as a Scout organization. It thus assumes an ideology, and not only an expression of who we are but also of what we want to do.

The Valencian Scouting Federation is a voluntary educational movement for children and young people that forms part of the MSC from its own, conscious and rooted identity . Based on an analysis of the reality that surrounds us and through values ​​education , we seek to improve society through the active application of the scout method and our commitment to the values ​​of the Scout Law. In our educational process we understand nature as a fundamental tool, therefore
we encourage its conservation and enjoyment.

We opt for social transformation , wanting to be builders of a more humane society. We are judges and part of democracy, participating critically and actively in its effective implementation from a non-partisan point of view.

We opt for the person as a fundamental element in the transformation of society, and we understand integral education as the axis of our work, always working from and for the base of the movement: the scout groups .

We choose spiritual growth as the basis of personal development. Out of the utmost respect for other religions and cultures, we choose a Jesus of Nazareth as a model for personal and community life, and we are an active part of one Open and plural church which, in continuous movement, seeks the integration and practice of Christian values ​​in all areas of our lives.

For this reason, we opt for an open and meaningful FEV, where all members play an active role in the construction of a fairer society and solidarity with the impoverished, in which we can all feel happier by contributing “to happier to others”.

Approved at the FEV Assembly of October 1, 2006

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We are dedicated to educating children and young people in values ​​through leisure activities and free time. We aim to offer quality free time, from which we propose activities for our children to have fun, meet new people, enjoy contact with nature, reflect… and all this to work on an education in values ​​so that they grow as whole people.

We are a non-profit association, made up of hundreds of educators who voluntarily participate in the integral education of thousands of children and young people. We believe in values ​​education as a means to make people grow and that in the morning they will be citizens committed to their environment and society. We educate for social transformation.

This is why scouting goes from being an educational method to a way of life .

Scouting was born a little more than 100 years ago, devised by Baden Powell at the beginning of the 20th century, looking for an educational alternative for young people who spent their lives on the streets, which would contribute to their physical, spiritual and mental development. Over the years, the listening method has been adapted to the times and to the needs of society, currently constituting itself as a benchmark in values ​​education. Currently, the Scout movement worldwide has more than 30 million members, and develops its method in more than 165 countries around the world.

The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a system of values ​​based on the Scout Law and Promise, helping to build a better world where people realize themselves as individuals and play a role constructive in society.

(Scouting Mission Statement, Durban 1999)

The FEV is composed of 3 associations, one in each diocese of the Valencian Community: Scouts of Castelló , Moviment Escolta de Valencia and Scouts of Alicante . Each association is made up of several scouting groups distributed throughout its geography, and carrying out the educational work of scouting.

To support these groups, responding as much as possible to their needs, and also to carry out projects at the federative level that respond to the purposes of scouting, with the aim of improving society in some aspect, are the action teams: Faith, Development, International, Environment, Political participation, Health, Social integration and cultural promotion.

In addition, in the FEV there are 3 structural teams that reinforce fundamental tasks to provide greater depth to scouting that is carried out in the groups of the FEV: Escola Lluerna, Educational Animation Team and Creequip.

Finally, to carry out the management and coordination tasks of the FEV and its associations, there are management teams that work in 4 main areas: administration, technical coordination, communication and institutional relations.


The FEV focuses its work through its federal program Graft , for the period 2022-2024. The federative program develops all the lines and areas of work of the federation, and under it are collected all the projects carried out within it, through its different components; work teams and scout groups.

The design of the federative program is always participatory and horizontal: it takes into account the interests and needs of the children and young people of the federation, starting from the particular realities of each of the Scout groups and their social sphere. Through an open and dynamic process, the contributions of scouting groups in the Valencian Community were collected. Based on them, the objectives that the FEV wants to achieve during the next 3 years were formulated.

What areas do we consider priority for working with children and youth?

  • Education in values.
  • Emotional, social and affective-sexual education.
  • Social participation.
  • Environmental education.
  • Volunteering as a means of social transformation.
  • Personal promotion
  • Inclusive leisure

The activities that the scout groups carry out are configured within these work areas and seek to fulfill different objects within each area.